Peace of Mind

Ethos Jet brings you a Safe and Protected feeling each time you fly with us.  As a Client your interests are our most valuable asset and we protect these with steadfast determination.  We do it Better, Safer, and with more Integrity than the rest. 

Safety Program Investment

Ethos Jet prides itself on investing in Safety Infrastructure for our Clients.  We see this as a highly rewarding pursuit and long term client retention. 

Ethos Jet TripCHEK

Our proprietary Next Generation Safety Measure TripCHEKgives a clear picture of the many Dynamic Variables before your trip, accounting for them with carefully crafted Precision. 

Certified Ethos Partners

In order to become an Ethos Jet Partner who fly our Clients, we require a solid reputation, strict safety protocols, an excellent fleet and staff.  Utmost care and solid Safety are core values we require without compromise.

Safety Management System

Every Ethos Jet Flight brings us another opportunity to showcase our commitment to your personal safety.  Our operators we choose follow strict SMS protocols, and are recognized as providing a strict set of adherence and interest in Safety.

Personnel Reviewed

In order to become an Ethos Jet Partner we review their Pilots, Mechanics, Aircraft, and 135 Records. Constant Contact with Flight Crews, Dispatch Offices, and Chief Pilots of Organizations involved with our Clients.