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Ethos Jet
LEARN MORE Countless Satisfied Clients. Definitive resolute willpower. An unshakeable Ethos and corporate philosophy of unbeaten commitment to service, both in our Aviation Business and in our communities, Ethos Jet has been recognized for being the gold standard of Jet Hospitality.

Today, Ethos Jet continues to grow and inspire life’s most meaningful journeys to the most desirable destinations on earth.

Ethos Jet Executives

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Ethos Jet Team

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About Ethos Aviation

The Ethos Jet™ Brand is owned by Ethos Aviation, LLC.   Based in Portland, Oregon.

As part of our continued excellence in forming strong Client Relationships, and Excellence in Aviation Industries we created the Ethos Jet™ Brand to help connect our Clients to a worldwide Jet Travel Resource of uncompromising Scale and Capability. 

Our Aviation Ethos

Travel made Perfect.

Dedicated Concierge

5 Star Platinum Concierge services available 24-7-365 to give you a complete Ethos Jet Card Experience. We are here all day and night ensuring your flight and travel arrangements are perfect. We know how critical private jet travel is to business arrangements, personal commitments, and other important life matters.

Real Aviation Professionals Work Here

Our staff are made up of Graduates of University Studies in Aeronautics, Safety, and Weather. We use real analytics and data to provide accurate Safety Decisions based on Weather, Flight Itinerary, and Needs. This has made an extremely safe environment for our Clients and have given us a Perfect safety record.

Dispatch and Weather Office

The Staff at Ethos Jet have your back and we carefully monitor and coordinate your Flight with the Charter Operator we select. Every Company that interacts with our Clients is held to a higher standard than anyone else. If we see something we do not like, we delay, or modify the trip plans. Your Safety is Paramount.

Luxurious Jet Experience

We demand that Charter Operators we select to fly our Clients have the utmost interest in seeing Quality, Healthy, and Modern Standards of Food and excellence in luxury appointments. Everyone will know you are a Hero helping Children, the World, and Environment when you fly with Ethos.

Safety is #1

Our staff are trained by our CEO Chris Johnson. Chris has a Safety from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. With his guidance our staff are trained to observe all operational concerns, weather, and flight planning. This keeps our Clients and their Business Partners and Families Safe with our Proprietary Safety Program.

Professional Support

We make all arrangements for your personal travel, everything from booking hotels, airline tickets, rental cars, and more. We want a seamless Ethos Travel Experience. Whether you are a Business Man on frequent jet trips, or simply taking the Family on a vacation, we are there for you.

Flight Operations Center

Travel made Safe.

Careers With Ethos Jets

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