Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley, California

Places To Visit In Napa Valley For Vine Lovers!

Ah! The mouth-dripping grapes and the long vines of grapes in the Napa Valley is a dream come true for every wine lover. To be honest, Napa Valley is heaven for wine lovers, given the 400 vineyards. There are designated tours, and you can hire a tour guide who will make sure you get to taste the real Napa Valley and devour its flavor. So, if you are going to Napa Valley, we have found some amazing places which you do “need” to visit!

O’Brien Estate

This is a small vineyard of 40 acres, and you will be blown away with the personalized and intimate services here. In this vineyard, you can view the entire process ranging from planting the grapes and bottling the vine, and the best part is that the owner’s home is there. If you like, you can have some chatter with him and sip the mouth-watering wine.

There are tour guides who explain interesting facts about the vineyard, and you can listen to all this while enjoying the free welcome drink. As in us, we personally love the enchanting view of Oak Knoll Appellation.

Frog’s Leap Winery

One more on the list of vineyards, but this an old one, establishment dated back in 1981 when John Williams fell in love with the art of winemaking. All the plants are grown organically, so indirectly; you are consuming healthy wine. Once you reach the vineyard, the tour guide will show you around the fruit gardens and barrel room. In the end, you can kick back, sit in the rocking chairs, and savor the taste of wine while enjoying the majestic view of the Mayacamas Mountains.

Schramsberg Vineyard

This name is 150 years old, which signifies the vintage wines with a delectable taste to tantalize the taste buds of every wine lover. The tour guides you through a winding path taking you through wine caverns and gigantic rows of vines. The caverns are every wine lover’s dreams come true, they are comprised of 2.5 million bottles of wine, sounds like a dream, eh? However, you will need to book in advance because there are hardly any spots at the last time because everyone loves to endeavor the special sparkling wine!

Castello di Amorosa

This is the child-friendly vineyard with fairy tales-like views and great wine. This place is a complete castle with the drawbridge, moat, and a chamber that allures the kids. So, the elders can taste the wine, and kids can have a look at the intricate details on the castle and winder about the fantastic architecture. The scenery around this vineyard adds cheery to the top!

Far Niente

If you want to have an intimate and private tour, this is the place to go with the friendliest guides ever. The place has some great gardens with vintage vehicles that take you back into the history. After having a dive through the history, the tour guide will take you to the wine caverns around the 13 acres of a beautiful farm. The farm is adorned with azaleas serving as a treat to the eyes. At the end of the tour, you will get to taste five different vintage wines and seasonal cheese; mouthwatering isn’t it?

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